tlp::GlCurve(3) This class is use to display an OpenGl curve.


#include <GlCurve.h>

Inherits tlp::GlSimpleEntity.

Public Member Functions

GlCurve (const std::vector< tlp::Coord > &points, const Color &beginFColor, const Color &endFColor, const float &beginSize=0., const float &endSize=0.)

GlCurve (const unsigned int nbPoints=3u)

virtual ~GlCurve ()

void draw (float lod, Camera *camera)

void setTexture (const std::string &texture)

virtual void resizePoints (const unsigned int nbPoints)

virtual const tlp::Coord & point (const unsigned int i) const

virtual tlp::Coord & point (const unsigned int i)

virtual void translate (const Coord &mouvement)

virtual void getXML (xmlNodePtr rootNode)

virtual void setWithXML (xmlNodePtr rootNode)

Protected Attributes

std::vector< tlp::Coord > _points

Color _beginFillColor

Color _endFillColor

float _beginSize

float _endSize

std::string texture

Detailed Description

This class is use to display an OpenGl curve.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tlp::GlCurve::GlCurve (const std::vector< tlp::Coord > & points, const Color & beginFColor, const Color & endFColor, const float & beginSize = 0., const float & endSize = 0.)Basic constructor with vector of coord, begin/end color and begin/end size

tlp::GlCurve::GlCurve (const unsigned int nbPoints = 3u)Basic constructor with number of points

virtual tlp::GlCurve::~GlCurve () [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void tlp::GlCurve::draw (float lod, Camera * camera) [virtual]Draw the curve

Implements tlp::GlSimpleEntity.

virtual void tlp::GlCurve::getXML (xmlNodePtr rootNode) [virtual]Function to export data in XML

Implements tlp::GlSimpleEntity.

virtual tlp::Coord& tlp::GlCurve::point (const unsigned int i) [virtual]Return the ith coord

virtual const tlp::Coord& tlp::GlCurve::point (const unsigned int i) const [virtual]Return the ith coord

virtual void tlp::GlCurve::resizePoints (const unsigned int nbPoints) [virtual]Change the number of points

void tlp::GlCurve::setTexture (const std::string & texture)Set the texture of the curve (if you want texture)

virtual void tlp::GlCurve::setWithXML (xmlNodePtr rootNode) [virtual]Function to set data with XML

Implements tlp::GlSimpleEntity.

virtual void tlp::GlCurve::translate (const Coord & mouvement) [virtual]Translate entity

Reimplemented from tlp::GlSimpleEntity.

Member Data Documentation

Color tlp::GlCurve::_beginFillColor [protected]

float tlp::GlCurve::_beginSize [protected]

Color tlp::GlCurve::_endFillColor [protected]

float tlp::GlCurve::_endSize [protected]

std::vector<tlp::Coord> tlp::GlCurve::_points [protected]

std::string tlp::GlCurve::texture [protected]


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