tmfs(1) Time Machine File System


tmfs hfs-root-mount time-machine-mount [fuse options...]


tmfs creates a read-only virtual filesystem which helps you to read your Apple Time Machine backup by reconstructing the hard-linked directories from the HFS+ metadata directory.

You can browse the mounted time-machine-mount normally and recover data from any backup point.

tmfs must be run as the root user, but the mounted time-machine-mount can be accessed by any user, based upon the options passed to FUSE. See OPTIONS below.


The path to the mount point of your HFS+ Time Machine volume.
You must mount the Time Machine device prior to running tmfs. See the EXAMPLES section below.
The path where the Time Machine will be mounted. This should be an empty directory.
fuse options
A comma separated list of options that will be passed to fuse(8). See fuse(8) for available options. To be able to access the volume under a normal user account you should set the uid, gid and allow_other options.


mkdir /mnt/hfs /mnt/tm

mount /dev/sdXX /mnt/hfs
tmfs /mnt/hfs /mnt/tm -ouid=$(id -u $USER),gid=$(id -g $USER),allow_other


Alexandre Bique <[email protected]>

This manual page was contributed for Debian by
Nicholas Robinson-Wall <[email protected]>