tos-locate-jre(1) Locate a Java installation


tos-locate-jre --jni tos-locate-jre --java tos-locate-jre --javac


tos-locate-jre locates your Java installation. It is used by other tools to decide where to install files, and is useful for setting up your shell path.

Under cygwin, tos-locate-jre checks the registry for the installation point of Sun's JVM. It will not find any other versions of Java.

Under Linux, tos-locate-jre looks for an executable named javac or java in the path. If none is found, it looks for IBM's and Sun's Java RPMs (in that order).

Once tos-locate-jre has located your Java directory, it can return the directory containing the java executable (--java option), the directory containing the javac executable (--javac option), or the directory where JNI libraries should be installed (--jni option).

tos-locate-jre has only been tested with recent IBM and Sun JVMs. If you use something else, it will likely fail.


Add java and javac to your path:
  PATH=`/usr/local/bin/locate-jre --java`:$PATH
  PATH=`/usr/local/bin/locate-jre --javac`:$PATH