traceends(1) summarise traffic done by every endpoint observed in a trace


tracetopends [ -f bpf | --filter=bpf] [ -a addrtype | --address=addrtype] [ -H | --help]

inputuri [inputuri ...]


traceends reports the number of bytes and packets sent and received by each endpoint observed in the input trace(s). Usually, you don't want to run this program directly -- see tracetopends instead.

-f bpf filter
output only packets that match tcpdump style bpf filter

-A address type
Specifies how an endpoint should be defined. Suitable options are "mac", "v4" and "v6" which will report endpoint stats for each observed MAC address, IPv4 address and IPv6 address respectively.


Output is written to stdout in columns separated by blank space.

The columns are (in order):
 * Endpoint address
 * Time last observed
 * Packets originating from the endpoint
 * Bytes originating from the endpoint (IP header onwards)
 * Payload originating from the endpoint (post transport header)
 * Packets sent to the endpoint
 * Bytes sent to the endpoint (IP header onwards)
 * Payload sent to the endpoint (post transport header)


Get stats for each individual MAC address in a trace:
traceends -a mac erf:trace.erf.gz


More details about traceends (and libtrace) can be found at


Shane Alcock <[email protected]>