tracereplay(1) Replay a trace in trace time from one uri to another


tracereplay [-b | --broadcast] [-s --snaplength [ snaplength] ] [-f | --filter [ filter string ] ] inputuri outputuri


tracereplay replays inputuri to outputuri in trace time. Checksums are recomputed on the fly.


Change the 802.3 (ethernet) destination address to the broadcast address. This will send the transmitted packets to any hosts on the local network.

--snaplength[snaplength] Truncate the packets to the length specified. This only makes a difference if the inputuri is a capture device. The value should be > 0. Inappropriate values will be ignored, but a warning will be printed.

--filter[filter] Apply a filter to the inputuri.


More details about tracereplay (and libtrace) can be found at


Andreas Loef <>, Yuwei Wang <[email protected]>