tttview(1) Tele Traffic Tapper viewer- a viewer program for remote, real-time, graphical traffic-monitoring.


tttview [-addr recv_addr] [-mcastifaddr addr] [-multicast] [-port recv_port] [-probe addr] [-yscale (K|M|n)]


tttview is the viewer program in the ttt program suite. tttview displays traffic-data collected on a remote host by tttprobe.

To run tttview, it is not necessary to be "root".

The ttt program suite is yet another descendant of tcpdump but it is capable of real-time, graphical, local and remote traffic-monitoring. It won't replace tcpdump, rather, it helps you find out what to look into with tcpdump.


-addr recv_addr
Specifies the local address. Only useful for multicast addresses. If omitted, " is used as default.
-mcastifaddr addr
Specifies the multicast interface address. Only useful when an interface is selected to join a multicast group.
Shorthand for the default multicast destination "".
-port recv_port
Specifies the udp port number to receive traffic-data from a remote tttprobe. If omitted, port 7288 is used as default.
-probe addr
Specifies the address of a probe. Only useful to select one among multiple probes.
-yscale ('K'|'M'|n)
change the scale of y-axis. 'K' and 'M' represent 1000 and 1000000 respectively.


Remark: "hostA" is allways the host where traffic-data is collected with tttprobe and "hostB" is allways the host where the traffic-data is displayed with tttview.

point-to-point monitoring:

hostA: tttprobe hostB
hostB: tttview
hostA: tttprobe ip_of_hostB
hostB: tttview


when using the default multicast address:
hostA: tttprobe -multicast
hostB: tttview -multicast
this is equivalent to:
hostA: tttprobe
hostB: tttview -addr


tttview was written by Kenjiro Cho < [email protected]>.

This manual page was written by Thomas Scheffczyk <[email protected]>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).