ttyd(1) Remote Modem Utility for Unix


ttyd -d pty device [ options ] host port


This man page documents the ttyd remote modem daemon. The ttyd daemon is fully telnet compatible allowing programs to connect to any remote device such as networked modems and terminal servers as if they were local devices as long as the device utilizes the telnet protocol.

After opening a Master Pseudo tty device, the daemon will wait for some other process to open the corresponding slave device. Once the slave device is opened, a connection will be made, using the telnet protocol, to a remote server. The remote end may be any server supporting the telnet protocol such as a terminal server, network modem, or the termnetd process.

For reference, in Linux the Master Pseudo tty devices art the devices /dev/pty[a-ep-z][0-9a-f] and the slave devices are /dev/tty[a-ep-z][0-9a-f]. Other Unices may have different naming schemes.


-b baud-rate
Sets the initial baud-rate of the device.
-d pty device
Master Pseudo tty device to open and wait for a connection on. This option is not optional, it must be provided -p port-settings Configures the port as specified by port settings.
No detach, do not run as a background process.

The host and port parameters specify the host and IP port to connect to when the Slave Pseudo device is opened.


Joe Croft <[email protected]>