turnincfg(1) manage assignments submitted with turnin


turnincfg [ OPTIONS ] [ project-name ]


Manages assignments submitted with the turnin(1) program. Allows the creation of courses and projects and the management of said courses and projects. This command used to be known as project in the early days of Turnin-NG and in the original turnin/project suite.

Omitting [ project-name ] will cause turnincfg to use the default project.


Print project's version.
-h, --help
Print these options.
-d, --disable
Disable the current project.
-D, --perm-disable
Permanently disable submissions for the current project.
-e, --enable
Enable submissions for the current project and make it the default project.
Enable submissions for the current project but does not make it the default project.
-r, --remove
Remove the current project and all associated files.
-i, --init
Initialize a project. Requires you to pass project-name
-p, --compress
Compress this project using the tar(1) and gzip(1) formats.
-x, --extract
Extract this project. This option will be called automatically if you enable a compressed project.
-v, --verify
Verify the cryptographic signatures on submitted assignments using gpg(1) May require you to fetch the student's public key.
Print a list of projects, along with whether or not they are enabled and shows which project is the default project.
Path to an alternate configuration file.
-c COURSE, --course=COURSE
Switch between the courses you are currently administering.
-w, --legal
Print warranty and license information.


Creates the course COURSE.
Deletes the course COURSE.
Archives the course using the tar(1) and gzip(1) formats.


turnincfg --create-course world-cheeses
Create the course world-cheeses.
turnincfg -c world-cheeses -i stilton
Create the project stilton in the course world-cheeses.
turnincfg -c world-cheeses -e stilton
Enable and make default the project stilton
turnincfg -c world-cheeses -D stilton
Permanently disable submissions for the project stilton.
turnincfg -c world-cheeses -p stilton
Compress the project stilton.
turnincfg --archive-course world-cheeses
Compress the course world-cheeses and remove it from the global configuration file.




Turnin-NG and this manpage were written by Ryan Kavanagh <[email protected]> in the summer of 2009 and are still actively maintained. Turnin-NG is a replacement for the 'project' and 'turnin' commands written in 1990 for the SPARC architecture by an unknown author.

Both Turnin-NG and this manpage are distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2, or (at your option) any later version.