tuxtime-conf(1) GUI for manipulating the TuxTime power saving settings


tuxtime-conf [ -ashv ]


tuxtime-conf provides an easy to use GUI for changin the power saving and alarm settings used by wmtuxtime. It's normal mode of operation is to be called by wmtuxtime.

It should be noted that changing the settings on the Battery Options tab will have no effect unless wmtuxtime(1x)isrunning.Therearenoseparatesettingsforbattery and external power settings in the BIOS. These are simulated in software by wmtuxtime(1x)inthesamewaythatMaxTimeunderMicrosoftWindows does.


-a, --alarms
Start up with the battery alarm settings.
-s, --settings
Start with the machine settings.
-h, --help
Display a short help message and exit.
-v, --version
Print the version number and exit.


The option buttons on the battery options tab sometimes remain grayed out when changing the power source with the radio button. However they are selectable.


This program was written by Jonathan Buzzard ([email protected]) and may be freely distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY for this program.