tv_grab_in(1) Grab TV listings for India using WhatsOn.


tv_grab_in --help
tv_grab_in --version
tv_grab_in --capabilities
tv_grab_in --configure [--config-file FILE]
[--auto-config add|ignore]
[--gui OPTION]
tv_grab_in --list-lineups [--config-file FILE] [--dd-data FILE]
tv_grab_in [--config-file FILE] [--dd-data FILE]
[--auto-config add|ignore]
[--days N] [--offset N] [--quiet] [--notrim]
[--output FILE]


This script downloads TV listings using What's On's XMLTV data service.

To obtain a free password:

  1.    Connect to and register yourself
  2.    During registration, please check the "sign-up for XMLTV" option (Under TV Preferences)
  3.    Once done, click on submit your information.

Once you've registered, you can use --configure

Stand-alone options

Print a help message and exit.
Show the version of the grabber.
Show which capabilities the grabber supports. For more information, see <>

Mode selection (default is grab mode)

Activates configure mode. If a config file already exists the values are used as defaults.
--gui OPTION
Use this option to enable a graphical interface to be used. OPTION may be 'Tk', or left blank for the best available choice. Additional allowed values of OPTION are 'Term' for normal terminal output (default) and 'TermNoProgressBar' to disable the use of Term::ProgressBar.
Lists available lineups.

General Options

--config-file file
Set the name of the configuration file, the default is ~/.xmltv/tv_grab_in.conf. This is the file created during ``--configure'' mode.
--auto-config add|ignore
When used in --configure mode, updates the config file, removing old channels, and adding or ignoring new channels. Prompts are skipped if defaults are available in the current config file.

When used in grab mode, appends new channels to the config file.

Grabber Mode options

--days n
Grab n days. The default is 7.
--offset n
Start N days after the default.
Suppress some messages normally written to standard error.
--output file
Write xml to file rather than standard output.
Same as --days 0


Author/Maintainer: Robert Eden, [email protected]