tv_grab_na_icons(1) Grab channel icon images or links from


tv_grab_na_icons [--debug] [--links] [--share dir]

tv_grab_na_icons --help

tv_grab_na_icons --version


This script goes to the zap2it web site and downloads icon links or images to the share/icons directory.

It was designed to allow icons to be added by tv_grab_na_dd, but there is no reason it can't be used for other purposes.

To minimize the load on, downloaded icons are recommended. Links are available for those applications that need it.

Also to reduce the load on, this script should be run sparingly. There is really no need to run it frequently, new networks or icons don't show up that often. To emphasize that point, there is no --configure mode, the questions need to be answered each run.


Store imge URLs in *.url files instead of downloading images.
--share SHAREDIR
Icons are stored in SHAREDIR/icons. The share directory is set at install time, but there may be times when it needs to be specified. (for example: no write access to the default share directory)
Turns on debugging mode. The grabber will be more verbose, and saves some extra debugging data with the icons.
Show the version of the grabber.
Print a help message and exit.


Robert Eden