uark(4) Arkmicro Technologies ARK3116 based USB serial adapter


To compile this driver into the kernel, place the following lines in your kernel configuration file:
device usb device ucom device uark

Alternatively, to load the driver as a module at boot time, place the following line in loader.conf5:



The driver supports Arkmicro Technologies ARK3116 based serial adapters.


The driver supports the following adapters:

  • HL USB-RS232
  • HugePine USB-UART
  • KQ-U8A Data Cable
  • Skymaster USB to RS232


The device driver first appeared in Ox 4.0 . The first Fx release to include it was Fx 7.0 .


An -nosplit The driver was written by An Jonathan Gray Aq [email protected] .


Setting hardware flow control is not currently supported. It is not yet known how to ask the hardware to send a break.

Arkmicro Technologies do not reply to requests of documentation for their products.