uhd_siggen_gui(1) GNU Radio signal generator using UHD hardware


uhd_siggen_gui: [options]


GUI to allow UHD supported hardware to be a signal generator.


-h, --help
show this help message and exit
-a ARGS, --args=ARGS
UHD device address args , [default=]
Subdevice of UHD device where appropriate
select Rx Antenna where appropriate
-s SAMP_RATE, --samp-rate=SAMP_RATE
set sample rate (bandwidth) [default=1000000.0]
-g GAIN, --gain=GAIN
set gain in dB (default is midpoint)
-f FREQ, --tx-freq=FREQ
Set carrier frequency to FREQ [default=mid-point]
Set baseband waveform frequency to FREQ [default=0]
-y WAVEFORM2_FREQ, --waveform2-freq=WAVEFORM2_FREQ
Set 2nd waveform frequency to FREQ [default=none]
Generate a carrier modulated by a complex sine wave
Generate a constant carrier
Set waveform phase offset to OFFSET [default=0]
Generate Gaussian random output
Generate Uniform random output
Generate Two Tone signal for IMD testing
Generate a swept sine wave
Set output amplitude to AMPL (0.0-1.0) [default=0.15]
-v, --verbose
Use verbose console output [default=False]