umegaya-ddc-ping(1) Umegaya's debian-devel-changes pinger


umegaya-ddc-ping < email.txt


Piped emails from to this program trigger a ping for the corresponding package in an Umegaya instance.

If emailaddress is subscribed to debian-devel-changes, the following entry in /etc/aliases will forward emails to umegaya-ddc-ping.

emailaddress: |umegaya-ddc-ping

The name of the package to ping is searched in the third field of the first line starting with Subject. In case of failure, the script returns with an exit code of 1, unless the messages option is used.


umegaya-ddc-ping takes no option from the command line, but reads the following from /etc/umegaya/umegaya.conf.


URL of an Umegaya instance. http://localhost/umegaya by default.


Log pings and failures to determine package name to syslog, and do not exit with error in case of failure. Off by default.


Charles Plessy.