unibi_set_ext_num(3) access the extended capabilities of a terminal object

Other Alias

unibi_get_ext_bool, unibi_set_ext_bool, unibi_get_ext_num, unibi_get_ext_str, unibi_set_ext_str


#include <unibilium.h>
int unibi_get_ext_bool(const unibi_term *ut, size_t i);
short unibi_get_ext_num(const unibi_term *ut, size_t i);
const char *unibi_get_ext_str(const unibi_term *ut, size_t i);

void unibi_set_ext_bool(unibi_term *ut, size_t i, int b);
void unibi_set_ext_num(unibi_term *ut, size_t i, short v);
void unibi_set_ext_str(unibi_term *ut, size_t i, const char *s);


Get/set extended boolean, numeric, and string capabilities. i is the index of the extended capability to act on; it must be less than "unibi_count_ext_bool(ut)", "unibi_count_ext_num(ut)", or "unibi_count_ext_str(ut)", respectively.

Note that "unibi_set_ext_str" simply stores the pointer it is given; it will not free s or make a copy of the string.