unworkable(1) download files via BitTorrent


-words [-s ] [-g port ] [-p port ] [-t tracefile ] torrent


The program is used to download files via the BitTorrent protocol.

When is executed with a valid .torrent file as an argument, it will proceed to announce to the tracker, connect to peers and download the data. Upon completion of the download, the program will exit, unless seed-mode is enabled.

-g port
If specified, run the GUI control server on port port By default, no GUI control server will run.
-p port
If specified, listen for incoming BitTorrent peer connections on port By default, does not accept incoming connections.
Enable seed-mode, that is, keep running and seed after download is complete.
-t tracefile
Trace execution, outputting to tracefile


The program was written by An Niall O'Higgins.