update-ifupdown-scripts-zg2.d-symlinks(1) preliminary manpage


These programs are used by the local administrator and ifupdown-scripts-zg2.d's maintainer scripts to allow handling of the symlink farm that is used to decide which interface scripts to call. Using these programs, the symlink farm are to be held in sync with a dump file which in turn is placed under dpkg's conffile management. The maintainer scripts will refuse to run if the symlink farm is desynced from the dump file.

dump-ifupdown-scripts-zg2.d-symlinks generates the dump file and writes it to standard output. The file contains data about all symlinks found in the symlink directory and can be used to re-generate the symlinks or to check directory contents against the dump file.

update-ifupdown-scripts-zg2.d-symlinks takes the dump file and creates the appropriate symlinks in the symlink directory.

check-ifupdown-scripts-zg2.d-symlinks <directory> takes the dump file and complains if the directory and the dump file are desynced. To re-sync, either manually modify dump file or symlink directory, or overwrite the symlink directory with the current dump file contents using update-ifupdown-scripts-zg2.d-symlinks

kill-ifupdown-scripts-zg2.d-symlinks deletes all symlinks mentioned in the dump file from the directory


Many. Be prepared to debug.


This manpage was written by Marc Haber for ifupdown-scripts-zg2 packaging in Debian/GNU Operating System.