UR::DataSource::Meta::RDBMS::Table(3) Object-oriented class for RDBMS table objects.


$t = UR::DataSource::Meta::RDBMS::Table->get(
data_source => 'Namespace::DataSource::Name',
table_name => 'MY_TABLE_NAME');
@c = $t->column_names;
@f = $t->fk_constraint_names;


Objects of this class represent a table in a database. They are primarily used by the class updating logic in the command line tool "ur update classes", but can be retrieved and used in any application. Their instances come from from the MetaDB (UR::DataSource::Meta) which is partitioned and has one physical database per Namespace.

Related Metadata Methods

@col_objs = $t->columns();
@col_names = $t->column_names();
@fk_objs = $t->fk_constraints();
@fk_names = $t->fk_constraint_names();
@ref_fk_objs = $t->ref_fk_constraints();
@ref_fk_names = $t->ref_fk_constraint_names();
@pk_objs = $t->primary_key_constraint_columns();
@pk_col_names = $t->primary_key_constraint_column_names();
@bi_objs = $t->bitmap_indexes();
@bi_names = $t->bitmap_index_names();
Return related metadata objects (or names) for the given table object.