uulog(1) Display the UUCP log file.


uulog [-n number] [-sf system] [-u user] [-DSF] [-I file] [-X debug]


Uulog is a program that displays the log file for the Taylor UUCP service.


-n, --lines number
Show the given number of lines from the end of the log.
-s, --system system
Print entries for the named system.
-f system, --follow=system
Follow entries for the named system.
-u, --user user
Print entries for the named user.
-F, --follow
Follow entries for any system.
-S, --statslog
Show the statistics file.
-D, --debuglog
Show the debugging file.
-X, --debug debug
Set the debugging level.
-I, --config file
Set the configuration file to use.
-v, --version
Print the software version and exit.
Print a help screen and exit.


According to comments in the source, this is a pretty bad implementation of uulog. It only takes a single -s and/or -u switch.


This manual page is a quick write-up for Debian done by Kevin Kreamer <[email protected]>, by making a manpage out of uulog --help.