vala-terminal(1) terminal emulator for mobile devices


vala-terminal [-v] [-h] [--fullscreen] [-fs int] [-f font] [-fc r g b] [-bc r g b] [-e command]

vala-terminal --help


Start with toolbar vertically (default=horizontal)
Start with toolbar horizontally
Start fullscreen
-fs int
Starting fontize (default=5)
-f fontname
Uses font 'fontname' (default=LiberationMono)
-fc r g b
Font color (values are between 0...65535) (default=65535 65535 65535)
-bc r g b
Background color (values are between 0...65535) (default=0 0 0)
-e cmd [arg ..]
Executes 'cmd' inside terminal [with parameters] (-e must be the last flag)


This manual page was written by Joachim Breitner <[email protected]> for the Debian system (but may be used by others).