varcall(1) ea-utils: output summry stats or perform variant calling


varcall ,<-s|-v> <-f REF> /[,options/] ,bam1 /[,bam2/...]


Version: 0.9.632 (BETA)

Either outputs summry stats for the list of files, or performs variant calling

Options (later options override earlier):

-s Calculate statistics -v Calculate variants bases on supplied parameters (see -S) -f Reference fasta (required if using bams, ignored otherwise) -m Min locii depth (0) -a Min allele depth (0) -p Min allele pct by quality (0) -q Min qual (3) -Q Min mapping quality (0) -b Min pct balance (strand/total) (0) -D FLOAT Max duplicate read fraction (depth/length per position) (1) -B Turn off BAQ correction (false) -R Homopolymer repeat indel filtering (8) -e FLOAT Alpha filter to use, requires -l or -S (.05) -g FLOAT Global minimum error rate (default: assume phred is ok) -l INT Number of locii in total pileup used for bonferroni (1 mil) -x CHR:POS Output this pos only, then quit -N FIL Output noise stats to FIL -S FIL Read in statistics and params from a previous run with -s (do this!) -A ANNOT Calculate in-target stats using the annotation file (requires -o) -o PREFIX Output prefix (note: overlaps with -N)

Input files

Files must be sorted bam files with bai index files available. Alternatively, a single pileup file can be supplied.

Output files

Varcalls go to stdout. Stats go to stdout, or stderr if varcalling too

If an output prefix is used, files are created as follows:

Variant calls in tab delimited 'varcall' format
Variant calls in tab delimited 'ea-var' format
Variant calls, in vcf format
Summary of variant calls
On-target stats detail
Summary of on-target stats
Noise stats detail

Stats Output:

Contains mean, median, quartile information for depth, base quality, read len, mapping quality, indel levels. Also estimates parameters suitable for variant calls, and can be passed directly to this program for variant calls

Filtering Details: