VASY(1) VHDL Analyzer for Synthesis


vasy [-VpavsoipSHL] [-C num] [-E num] [-I format] [-P file] filename [outname]


VASY is a hierarchical VHDL Analyzer for Synthesis. VASY performs a semantic analysis of a VHDL RTL description filename, with a VHDL subset much more extended than the Alliance one (see vasy(5) for more details), and identifies with precision all the memorizing elements and tristate buffers.
During its analysis, VASY expands generic parameters, executes generic map and generate statements, and also unrolls static FOR loops.
At the end, VASY drives an equivalent description outname (in Verilog or VHDL format) accepted by most of synthesis tools.


indicates the path to the read/write directory for the session.


Verbose mode on. Each step of the analysis is displayed on the standard output.
Drives an equivalent description in Verilog format.
Drives an equivalent description in Alliance VHDL format vbe(5) and/or vst(5). We can note that with this option, all arithmetic operators are expanded in an equivalent set of boolean expressions, because these operators don't belong to the Alliance VHDL subset.
Drives an equivalent VHDL description (with the extention .vhd) accepted by most of industrial synthesis tools.
Uses Std_logic instead of Bit (taken into account only with option -s).
Drives initial signal values (taken into account only with option -s).
-I format
Specifies the VHDL input format such as Alliance VHDL format vbe(5), vst(5) or industrial VHDL format vhd or vhdl.
In a structural description, all model of instances are recursively analyzed. (By default VASY analyzes only models with generic parameters) The leaves cells are defined by a file called CATAL (see catal(5) for details).
Authorizes to overwrite existing files.
Adds power supply connectors (vdd and vss). Usefull option to enter in Alliance.
-C num
When the size of the adder is greater or equal to num a Carry Look Ahead adder is generated, instead of a Ripple Carry adder. (taken into account only with option -a).
-E num
Comparators are expanded in an equivalent set of boolean expressions, when their size is greater than num (taken into account only with option -a).
A file .lax (see lax(5) for details) is generated. This file contains the list of all signals that must be kept during the synthesis step, using boom (see boom(1) for details). (taken into account only with option -a).
-P file
Specifies a 'file.pkg' containing a list of logical and physical package name:
# Example
work.constants.all  : pkg_constants
work.components.all : pkg_components