vdb_render(1) ray-traces OpenVDB volumes


vdb_render ,in.vdb out.{exr,ppm} /[,options/]


Which: ray-traces OpenVDB volumes Options:
-aperture F
perspective camera aperture in mm (default: 41.2)
-camera S
camera type; either "persp[ective]" or "ortho[graphic]" (default: perspective)
-compression S
EXR compression scheme; either "none" (uncompressed), "rle" or "zip" (default: zip)
-cpus N
number of rendering threads, or 1 to disable threading, or 0 to use all available CPUs (default: 0)
-far F
camera far plane depth (default: 3.4e+38)
-focal F
perspective camera focal length in mm (default: 50)
-fov F
perspective camera field of view in degrees (default: 44.8)
-frame F
ortho camera frame width in world units (default: 1)
-lookat X,Y,Z
rotate the camera to point to (X, Y, Z)
-name S
name of the volume to be rendered (default: render the first floating-point volume found in in.vdb)
-near F
camera near plane depth (default: 0.001)
-res WxH
image dimensions in pixels (default: 1920x1080)
-r X,Y,Z
-rotate X,Y,Z
camera rotation in degrees (default: look at the center of the volume)
-t X,Y,Z
-translate X,Y,Z
camera translation
-up X,Y,Z
vector that should point up after rotation with -lookat (default: [0, 1, 0])
verbose (print timing and diagnostics)
print version information and exit
-h, -help
print this usage message and exit

Level set options:

-color S
name of a vec3s volume to be used to set material colors
-isovalue F
isovalue in world units for level set ray intersection (default: 0)
-samples N
number of samples (rays) per pixel (default: 1)
-shader S
shader name; either "diffuse", "matte", "normal" or "position" (default: diffuse)

Dense volume options:

-absorb R,G,B
absorption coefficients (default: [0.1, 0.1, 0.1])
-cutoff F
density and transmittance cutoff value (default: 0.005)
-gain F
amount of scatter along the shadow ray (default: 0.2)
-light X,Y,Z[,R,G,B]
light source direction and optional color (default: [0.3, 0.3, 0, 0.7, 0.7, 0.7])
-scatter R,G,B
scattering coefficients (default: [1.5, 1.5, 1.5])
-shadowstep F
step size in voxels for integration along the shadow ray (default: 3)
-step F
step size in voxels for integration along the primary ray (default: 1)


vdb_render crawler.vdb crawler.exr -shader diffuse -res 1920x1080 \
-focal 35 -samples 4 -translate 0,210.5,400 -compression rle -v
vdb_render bunny_cloud.vdb bunny_cloud.exr -res 1920x1080 \
-translate 0,0,110 -absorb 0.4,0.2,0.1 -gain 0.2 -v


This is not (and is not intended to be) a production-quality renderer. Use it for fast previewing or simply as a reference implementation for integration into existing ray tracers.


This manual page was written by Mathieu Malaterre <[email protected]> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).