vde_pcapplug(1) Virtual Distributed Ethernet libpcap cable


vde_pcapplug [OPTION]... interface


vde_pcapplug is a plug to be connected into a VDE switch. All the data that is catched by the plug is injected into interface and everything from that interface is sent in the switch.


-p, --port=portnum
It is possible to decide which port of the switch to use. When this option is not specified the switch assigns the first available unused port (if any). It is possible to connect several cables in the same switch port: in this way all this cables work concurrently. It means that packet can result as duplicate but no ARP table loops are generated. Is useful when vde is used for mobility. Several physical interfaces can be used at a time during handoffs to prevent hichups in connectivity.
-g, --group=group
group ownership of the communication socket. For security when more want to share a switch it is better to use a unix group to own the comm sockets so that the network traffic cannot be sniffed.
-m, --mod=octal-mode
octal chmod like permissions for the comm sockets
-s, --sock=socket
specify the UNIX socket to be used by local programs for joining the VDE. The default value is "/tmp/vde.ctl".
-d, --daemon
start vde_plug2tap as a background process
-P, --pidfile=pidfile
put the process ID of vde_plug2tap in pidfile. Can be used with --daemon to store the PID for future killing.
-h, --help
show a brief help


Virtual Distributed Ethernet is not related in any way with www.vde.com ("Verband der Elektrotechnik, Elektronik und Informationstechnik" i.e. the German "Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies").


VDE is a project by Renzo Davoli <[email protected]>