vgenus3d(1) compute the genus of a 3D binary image


vgenus3d [-option ...] [infile] [outfile]


vgenus3d computes the Euler number (genus) of a 3D binary source image. It prints the result on stderr. It produces no output file. The source image must be of type "VBit". The input image must contain more than two bands. Lee's algorithm only works if no black voxel (a "set" voxel) touches the image border.


D.G. Morgenthaler: "Three-dimensional topology: the genus", Computer Science Center, Univ. of Maryland, College Park, Tech. Report TR-980, 1980.

C.N. Lee, A. Rosenfeld: "Computing the Euler number of a 3d image", ICCV 1987, London, pp.567-571

The Input file can be specified on the command line or allowed to default to stdin.


vgenus3d accepts the following options in any order:
Causes vgenus3d to print out a message describing its options.
-in infile
Specifies the Vista data file containing the input images.
-n n
Specifies the type of neighbourhood system (6 or 26). Default: 26.


Gabriele Lohmann, MPI-CBS