viapm(4) VIA chipsets Power Management controller driver


device iicbb device iicbus device iicsmb device smbus device smb device viapm


This driver provides access to the VIA chipset Power Management Unit family. They are VT82C586B, VT82C596A, VT82C596B, VT82C686A and VT8233.

The embedded controller of the VIA chipset may give you access to the monitoring facilities of your mainboard.

The 586B support is made by software whereas other controllers support the SMBus protocol by hardware. See smb(4) for writing user code to fetch voltages, temperature and so on from the monitoring chip of your mainboard.


The manual page first appeared in Fx 4.5 .


This manual page was written by An Nicolas Souchu Aq [email protected] .


Only polling mode is supported.