virtualbricks(1) an all in one virtualisation solution


virtualbricks [options]


virtualbricks Virtualization suite for qemu/kvm virtual machines and vde2 networks

virtualbricks is a fully featured virtualization suite and a complete GUI to manage Qemu/KVM and Virtual Distributed Ethernet. It provides easy but detailed device configuration interface, programmable control of the running processes and a graphical interactive view of the virtual network topology.


starts virtualbricks in no GUI mode, only the command line interpreter.

starts virtualbricks in server mode. Require root privileges.

starts virtualbricks in GUI only mode, no command line.


virtualbricks was written by Daniele Lacamera <[email protected]>, Francesco Apollonio <[email protected]> and others. From an idea by Carlo Caini. The codebase is inherited from Qemulator by Rainer Haage <[email protected]>. See "copyright".

This manual page was written by Francesco Namuri <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).