VistaIOWriteFile(3) write a Vista data file


#include <stdio>
#include <vistaio.h>
VistaIOBoolean VistaIOWriteFile (file, list)

FILE *file; VistaIOAttrList list;


Specifies the open stream to which the data file should be written.
Specifies the list of attributes to be written.


VistaIOWriteFile writes an attribute list as a Vista data file. Attributes are written in the order that they appear in the list. As they are written, attribute values are converted from internal form (e.g., a VistaIOImage data structure) to external form according to the conventions described by VistaIOattribute(3) and VistaIOtype(3).


If VistaIOWriteFile is successful it returns TRUE. In this case it will have written everything from the Vista data file header to the last byte of binary data. If VistaIOWriteFile encounters an error, however, it returns FALSE while perhaps leaving the file incomplete.


Data is written to the stream sequentially, permitting the stream to be a pipe. No rewind is performed either before writing or after.


``name attribute has unwriteable representation: repn.''
The named attribute has a value that cannot be converted to external form. A VistaIOPointer value, for example, has no external form.
``Write to stream failed.''
A write to file failed because of an I/O error or a corrupt data structure.


Art Pope <[email protected]>

Adaption to vistaio: Gert Wollny <[email protected]>