vistat(1) report image statistics


vistat [-option ...] [infile ...] [outfile]


vistat reports the minimum, maximum, mean, and standard deviation of the pixel values in its input images.

The measurements are reported in the form of a Vista data file containing one statistics attribute per image measured. Each statistics attribute, in turn, contains min, max, mean, and std_dev attributes reporting individual measurements. It also contains a name attribute if the corresponding image has one. Because these attribute have no binary data associated with them the program's output can be viewed directly at a terminal.


vistat accepts the following options:
Prints a message describing options.
-in infile
Specifies a Vista data file containing the input images.
-out outfile
Specifies where to write the output statistics as a Vista data file.

Input and output files can be specified on the command line or allowed to default to the standard input and output streams.


Art Pope <[email protected]>