vm_page_wire(9) wire and unwire pages

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In sys/param.h In vm/vm.h In vm/vm_page.h Ft void Fn vm_page_wire vm_page_t m Ft void Fn vm_page_unwire vm_page_t m int activate


The Fn vm_page_wire function increments the wire count on a page, and removes it from whatever queue it is on.

The Fn vm_page_unwire function releases one of the wirings on the page. When write_count reaches zero the page is placed back onto either the active queue (if Fa activate is non-zero) or onto the inactive queue (if Fa activate is zero). If the page is unmanaged ( PG_UNMANAGED is set) then the page is left on PQ_NONE


This manual page was written by An Chad David Aq [email protected] .