VM::EC2::ELB:Attributes(3) Object describing the attributes of an Elastic


use VM::EC2;
my $ec2 = VM::EC2->new(...);
my $lb = $ec2->describe_load_balancer_attributes('my-lb');
my $access_log = $lb->AccessLog;
my $conn_drain = $lb->ConnectionDraining;
my $conn_settings = $lb->ConnectionSettings;
my $cross_zone = $lb->CrossZoneLoadBalancing;


This object is used to describe the parameters returned by a DescribeLoadBalancerAttributes API call.


The following object methods are supported:

 AccessLog                --  If enabled, the load balancer captures detailed
                              information of all the requests and delivers the
                              information to the Amazon S3 bucket that you
 ConnectionDraining       --  If enabled, the load balancer allows existing
                              requests to complete before the load balancer
                              shifts traffic away from a deregistered or
                              unhealthy back-end instance.
 ConnectionSettings       --  By default, the Elastic Load Balancer maintains a
                              60-second idle connection timeout for both front-
                              end and back-end connections of your load
                              balancer. If the ConnectionSettings attribute is
                              set, Elastic Load Balancing will allow the
                              connections to remain idle (no data is sent over
                              the connection) for the specified duration.
 CrossZoneLoadBalancing   --  If enabled, the load balancer routes the request
                              traffic evenly across all back-end instances
                              regardless of the Availability Zones.


When used in a string context, this object will interpolate the instance state.


Lance Kinley <[email protected]>.

Copyright (c) 2014 Loyalty Methods, Inc.

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