VM::EC2::Instance::State::Change(3) Represent an EC2 instance's change in state.


# find all stopped instances
@instances = $ec2->describe_instances(-filter=>{'instance-state-name'=>'stopped'});
# start them
@state_change = $ec2->start_instances(@instances)

foreach my $sc (@state_change) {
my $instanceId = $sc->instanceId;
my $currentState = $sc->currentState;
my $previousState = $sc->previousState;
# poll till the first instance is running
sleep 2 until $state_change[0]->current_status eq 'running';


This object represents a state change in an Amazon EC2 instance. It is returned by VM::EC2 start_instances(), stop_instances(), terminate_instances(), reboot_instances() and the corresponding VM::EC2::Instance methods. In addition, this object is returned by calls to VM::EC2::Instance->instanceState().


These object methods are supported:

 instanceId      -- The instanceId.
 currentState    -- The instanceId's current state AT THE TIME
                     THE STATECHANGE OBJECT WAS CREATED. One of
                     "terminated", "running", "stopped", "stopping",
 previousState   -- The instanceID's previous state AT THE TIME

Note that currentState and previousState return a VM::EC2::Instance::State object, which provides both string-readable forms and numeric codes representing the state.

In addition, the method provides the following convenience method:

$state = $state_change->current_status()

This method returns the current state of the instance. This is the correct method to call if you are interested in knowing what the instance is doing right now.


In a string context, the method will return the string representation of currentState.


Lincoln Stein <[email protected]>.

Copyright (c) 2011 Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

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