dh_pdl(1) calculates pdl dependencies


dh_pdl [debhelper options] [-d] [library dirs ...]


dh_pdl is a debhelper program that is responsible for generating the ${pdl:Depends} substitutions and adding them to substvars files.

The program will look at perl scripts and modules in your package, and will use this information to generate a dependency on pdl or pdlapi. The dependency will be substituted into your package's control file wherever you place the token ``${pdl:Depends}''.


By default, scripts and architecture independent modules don't depend on any specific version of pdl. The -V option causes the current version of the pdl package to be specified.
library dirs
If your package installs perl modules in non-standard directories, you can make dh_perl check those directories by passing their names on the command line. It will only check the vendorlib and vendorarch directories by default.


Debian policy, version 3.8.3


Henning Glawe <[email protected]>

Based on dh_perl by Brendan O'Dea <[email protected]>