vmware-user-suid-wrapper(1) wrapper programm for vmware-user(1)




Operations on the vmblock(9) filesystem are considered privileged, and as such may only be issued on a file descriptor acquired by root. This is accomplished by vmware-user-suid-wrapper, a small setuid wrapper whose only purpose is to acquire a filesystem file descriptor, drop superuser privileges, and then execute vmware-user(1). In particular, prepare the system for vmware-user means that it unmounts the vmblock file system, unloads the vmblock module, then reloads the module, mounts the file system, and opens a file descriptor that vmware-user can use to add and remove blocks.


vmware-user-suid-wrapper has no options.


More information about vmware-user-suid-wrapper and the Open VM Tools can be found at <http://open-vm-tools.sourceforge.net/>.


Open VM Tools were written by VMware, Inc. <http://www.vmware.com/>.

This manual page was put together from homepage materials by Daniel Baumann <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).