volumes2image(1) convert a volume set representation to raster image representation.


volumes2image [infile] [outfile]


volumes2image converts an image encoded in a volume set representation into a raster image. If the input volume set contains just one volume, the output image will be of type "bit". Otherwise, it will be of type "short", such that each pixel receives the grey value label of the volume to which it belongs.

The input image must be of type "volumes". The output image will be of type "bit" or "short".


volumes2image accepts the following options:
Prints a message describing options.
-in infile
Specifies the Vista data file containing the input images.
-out outfile
Specifies where to write the output images as a Vista data file.

Input and output files can be specified on the command line or allowed to default to the standard input and output streams.


Gabriele Lohmann <[email protected]>