vselect(1) select objects from a Vista data file


vselect [-option ...] [infile] [outfile]


vselect copies selected objects from an input file to an output file.

Command line options specify which objects are to be copied. Objects may be selected by type (e.g., all images), by name, by the value of some attribute, or by position within the input file.


vselect accepts the following options:
Prints a message describing options.
Specifies a Vista data file from which objects are to be selected.
Specifies where to write the selected objects as a Vista data file.

The input and output files can be specified on the command line or allowed to default to the standard input and output streams.

In addition, exactly one of the following options must be used to specify the objects to be selected:

-object i
Select the ith object. Objects in the input file are numbered consecutively from 0.
-name name
Select any object whose attribute name is name.
-type type
Select any object whose type is type.
-attr name value
Select any object having an attribute with the specified name and value.

Finally, any of these selection criteria can be inverted:

Reverses the sense of the selection criterion.


To select the first object from a file:
vselect -object 0 < infile > outfile

To select the attribute named ``cantaloupe'' from a file:

vselect -name cantaloupe < infile > outfile

To select everything but images from a file:

vselect -type image -not < infile > outfile

To select images with ubyte pixels from a file of images:

vselect -attr nbands ubyte < infile > outfile


Art Pope <[email protected]>