weight(1) calculates sequence weights for an alignment


weight [-options] <alignment file>


This manual page documents briefly the weight command.

weight is a program that calculates weights for a sequence alignment.


Available options:
-b <f>
Use BLOSUM weighting scheme at <f> fractional identity.
-f <f>
Filter out seqs w/ fractional ident > <x> [0-1].
Help; print version and usage info.
-o <file>
Save weight-annotated alignment in <outfile>.
Use position based weight scheme (Henikoff & Henikoff).
-s <n>
Sample <n> sequences at random into a new alignment.
Use Voronoi weight scheme (Sibbald & Argos).
--informat <s>
Specify alignment file format <s>.
Allowed formats: SELEX, MSF, Clustal, a2m, PHYLIP.
Suppress verbose banner.


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