stranslate(1) translate a nucleic acid sequence to protein ORFs


stranslate [-options] <seqfile>


This manual page documents briefly the stranslate command.

stranslate is a program that creates a file of all possible protein ORFs, given an input nucleic acid sequence.


Available options:
Translate in full, with stops; no individual ORFs.
Help; show brief usage and version info.
-l <minlen>
Report only ORFs greater than minlen (default 20).
Require ORFs to start with AUG/Met.
-o <outfile>
Save results in output file.
Quiet; silence banner, for piping or redirection.
-s <stopchar>
With -a, set stop character to <stopchar>.
Use the Tetrahymena/Oxytricha genetic code.
Only do the top strand (frames 0/1/2).
Only do the bottom strand (frames 3/4/5).


The original program name is translate. It was renamed to stranslate to avoid conflict with another program of the same name.


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