whatmaps(1) Find and restart services after library upgrades

SYNOPSIS =encoding utf8

whatmaps [--restart] [--print-cmds=FILE] pkg1 [pkg2 pkg3 ...]


whatmaps tries to find a list of services that need to be restarted after a library upgrade because they map that particular library into their address space. It does this by extracting a list of shared objects from the packages given on the command line. It then looks at the list of running processes to find those that map the shared objects and uses the distributions package manager to find out the packages that ship them. It then prints a list of services in these packages that likely need to be restarted.

By default it assumes all services in the found packages need a restart but it also keeps a internal distribution specific list of exceptions.

If the --restart option is given, the services are restarted without any prompting and with the --prind-cmds option the restart commands are written to a file for later execution.

On Debian systems whatmaps can also be run automatically by apt-get. See ``usr/share/doc/whatmaps/README.Debian'' for details.


Guido Gu.nther <[email protected]>