wimlib-imagex-join(1) Join split WIMs into a standalone one-part WIM


wimlib-imagex join [OPTION...] OUT_WIMFILE SPLIT_WIM_PART...


Joins the SPLIT_WIM_PARTs into a standalone one-part WIM OUT_WIMFILE. This command is also available as simply wimjoin if the appropriate hard link or batch file has been installed.

All parts of the split WIM must be specified. You probably want to do so using a shell wildcard.

wimlib-imagex join can join both non-pipable and pipable split WIMs.


When reading each SPLIT_WIM_PART, verify its integrity if the integrity table is present; additionally, when writing OUT_WIMFILE, write an integrity table. If this option is not specified, an integrity table will be included in OUT_WIMFILE if and only if one was present in the first part of the split WIM.


Join a split WIM, with the parts named `windows*.swm' where the * is anything (usually the number of the part, except for the first part which may have no number), and write the joined WIM to the file `windows.wim'.

wimlib-imagex join windows.wim windows*.swm


wimlib-imagex join is roughly equivalent to:

wimlib-imagex export SWM_PART_1 --ref="SWM_GLOB" all OUT_WIMFILE