wmcube(1) spinning 3D object that shows the current CPU load


wmcube [,OPTIONS/]


wmcube is a dockapp that displays a realtime rotating 3D-object which indicates current CPU load. The higher the load, the faster the object spins.


-o <filename>
load external 3D object (plugin).
-d x
rotate x degrees/step when the CPU is idle (default 1).
-r x
rotate 1 degree faster every x percent of the CPU usage (default 25).
-c x
which CPU (0, 1, 2...) to monitor (default average over all).
use smooth font (default OFF).
exclude "nice" processes (default OFF).
draw the cube in a brighter color (default OFF).
invert cube speed (default OFF).
do not display the CPU load (default OFF).
use red image.
use green image.
use blue image.
display this help.


By combining together -RG, -RB, or -GB switches you get yellow, magenta, or cyan images. Combining -RGB switches produces the gray image -- the same as without any swiches.


wmcube 1.0.2:
(C) 2014-2016 Cezary M. Kruk <[email protected]>
(C) 2015-2016 Doug Torrance <[email protected]>

wmCube 0.98:

(C) 2000 Robert Kling


Evelyn Mitchell <[email protected]> -- manpage for the Debian prepackaged version of wmcube.

Filip Van Raemdonck <[email protected]> -- manpage for version 0.98 of wmcube.

Sandro Tosi <[email protected]> -- manpage for version 0.99-pre1 of wmcube.

Doug Torrance <[email protected]> -- manpage for version 1.0.0.

Cezary M. Kruk <[email protected]> -- manpage for version 1.0.2.