wmibam(1) A dockapp power monitor using ibam


wmibam [options]


This manual page documents briefly the wmibam command.

wmibam is a WindowMaker DockApp that monitors the apm status using the intelligent battery monitor (ibam) by Sebastian Ritterbusch <[email protected]>.

The upper half displays the remaining time you can stay on battery or the time left for charging the if you're working on battery or if you're plugged on your power supply unit. The bar below visualizes the percentage of battery charge. At the bottom that percentage is displayed numerically next to the current power state (on battery/charging/on psu).

You can turn the backlight on/off by clicking the first mouse button. If battery status is below a critical level, an alarm-mode will alert you by turning on and off back-light. This can be stopped (and restarted) by clicking the mouse button 3 (right) over the application. An application can be launched when alarm is on to notify user that level is too low. By clicking with mouse button 2 (middle), the computer can be put in STANDBY (default) or SUSPEND mode (with CONTROL key).


These programs follow the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with two dashes (`-'). A summary of options is included below.
-a, --alarm <number>
low battery level when to raise alarm (20 is default)
-bl, --backlight
turn on back-light
-bw, --broken-wm
activate broken window manager fix
-d, --display <string>
display to use
-h, --help
Show summary of options.
-i, --inverval <number>
number of secs between updates (5 is default)
-lc, --light-color <string>
back-light color(rgb:6E/C6/3B is default)
-n, --notify <string>
command to launch when alarm is on
-s, --suspend <string>
set command for suspend
-S, --standby <string>
set command for standby
-v, --version
Show version of program.
-w, --windowed
run the application in windowed mode


This manual page was written by Florian Ragwitz <[email protected]> modelled after the wmapmload manpage by Thomas Nemeth <[email protected]>.