wml::fmt::text(3) Plain ASCII with Special Formatting Semantic


#use wml::fmt::text
<: print &wml_fmt_text({ FILE => $file, OPTIONS => '--xhtml', ...}); :>
<text notypo>
1. bar
2. quux
a. baz
b. foo


The usage is simple: Surround the text with the "<text>" container tag and then just write plain ASCII text inside it. The corresponding HTML code is created via txt2html(3), a filter which gives the ASCII text nice formatting semantic which control the HTML result.

If OPTIONS field is specified, a newer txt2html(1) filter is called instead of txt2html, which is dead upstream. This allows for instance generation of XGTML markup.

The core conversion function is wml_fmt_text() which also can be used by other include files.


These attributes can be used both in the "<text>" tag (in lowercase letters) and in "wml_fmt_text" arguments, as shown in examples above.
By default, font commands are added to headings to highlight them. This attribute prevents alteration of txt2html output.
This attribute performs two actions: select
txt2html filter instead of txt2html, and str arguments are passed literally on the command line of txt2html.


 Ralf S. Engelschall
 [email protected]


 Internal: P1, P2, P3, txt2html (WML)
 External: --