wmressel(1) Dockable X11 Resolution Selector


wmressel [-h] [-v] [---display display] [-r] [-d] [-s <screen number> [-o]]


wmressel is a simple dockable X11 Resolution Selector for Window Maker that displays current X11 resolution and lets you change it through a popup menu.


Display list of command-line options.
Display version.
--display <display>
Use the designated X display.
Show refresh rates in menu
Show in menu if a mode is a Doublescan mode (D)
-s <screen number>
Show information about this screen
Only show menu for selected screen


Displayed resolution isn't refreshed if it is changed by another application or through the use of Crtl-Alt-(+|-) shortcuts


Add realtime update of displayed resolution


wmressel was written by Sebastien Lienard <[email protected]>

It is based on gvidm by Matthew Mueller and wmtimer by Josh King <[email protected]>