wmtop(1) WindowMaker dockapp


wmtop [-c command] [-U] [-x regexp] [-m]


wmtop displays the CPU or physical memory (under Linux only) usage of the top three processes. These may be refined by user supplied criteria, either via the command line or by clicking on the application.


While running a left click alternates between CPU and memory display. A right click launches the application specfied at the command line. Middle clicking changes between displaying all and user only processes.
Displays program version.
The standard X geometry specifications. Only X and Y position requests are honoured. Any height and width specifications will be ignored.
Specify an X server other than the local display.
Displays processes only owned by the user.
-c command
Execute command when application is right clicked.
-x regexp
Exclude processes whose name matches the given regular expression. The regular expression need only match part of the process name. Use '^' to mean the start of the name and '$' to mean the end.
Show memory usage rather than CPU usage on start-up.
-a theme
Choose an artisitc style or theme for wmtop to use.
Set interval between process samples in milliseconds.
Set interval between screen updates in milliseconds.


Monitor only users processes, exclude WindowMaker dock apps and pop up xps when double clicked:
wmtop -c xps -U -x '^wm'

where we assume dock apps all have names starting with 'wm'.


Please report any bugs you may find to:
[email protected]