X11::Protocol::Ext::XC_MISC(3) Perl module for the X11 Protocol XC-MISC Extension


use X11::Protocol;
$x = X11::Protocol->new();


This module is used by the programmer to pre-acquire large numbers of X resource IDs to be used with the X11::Protocol module.

If supported by the server, X11::Protocol will load this module automatically when additional resource IDs are needed via the standard new_rsrc() interface. However, if you anticipate that a program will run for a long time and allocate many resources, it would be a good idea to initialize the extension at startup to verify its existence.


This extension adds three requests, called as shown below:

  $x->XCMiscGetVersion => ($major, $minor)
  $x->XCMiscGetXIDRange => ($start_id, $count)
  $x->XCMiscGetXIDList($count) => ($count, @ids)


Jay Kominek <[email protected]>.