xcal_cal(1) interface to calendar(1) for xcal


xcal_cal [ -d directory ] [ -f file ] [ -m ] [ -# ]


Xcal_cal reads through the files created by xcal(1) and creates a file suitable for use by calendar(1). By default, the files are found in a directory named ``Calendar'' in the user's home directory; an alternate directory may be specified with the -d flag.

Output goes by default into a file named ``.xcal'' in the user's home directory; it may be overridden with the -f flag. In both cases, if the argument given begins with a slash (`/'), then it will be taken as a full path name, not as a path relative to the user's home directory. If the argument begins with the two character sequence `./' then it will be taken relative to the current directory. This last form is primarily intended for use while debugging.

The -m flag directs that multi-line entries in xcal files be collected in their entirety. By default, only the first line is copied.


Ed Gould, Mt.Xinu. Thanks Ed.