xdbfiletool(1) Jabberd14 Jabber/XMPP server XDB file management tool


xdbfiletool [OPTION ...]


This tool allows for various manipulations on XDB files that can be used by the Jabber/XMPP server as database backend. It supports spool file conversions, getting, setting and deleting nodes.


-b, --basedir=<path>
Base dir of the spool.
-c, --config=<path>
Configuration file to use.
Convert from plain spool to hashspool.
-d, --del=<path>
Delete a node in the spool file.
-g, --get=<path>
Get a node in the spool file.
Get the path to a file of a user.
-h, --hashspool
Use hashed spool directory.
-j, --jid=<JabberID>
JabberID for get/set/del operation.
-n, --namespace=<prefix>:<URI>
Define a namespace prefix.
-s, --set=<path> <value>
Set a node in the spool file.
Display a brief usage message.
-V, --version
Print server version.
-?, --help
Show the help message of the application and exit.


The Jabberd14 project.

This manual page was written by Paul van Tilburg <[email protected]>.