xferstats(8) displays FTP usage statistics


xferstats [-f <filename>] [-r] [-a] [-h] [-d] [-t] [-D <domain>] [-l <depth>] [-s <section>]


The xferstats command computes usage statistics of the local FTP service. It shows the current process information for each user logged into the FTP server.


Include anonymous users.
Include report on domain traffic.
-D <domain>
Report only on traffic from <domain>.
-f <filename>
Use <filename> for the log file.
Include report on hourly traffic.
-l <depth>
Depth of path detail for sections.
Include real users.
-s <section>
Section (directory, path) to report on. For example `-s /pub' will report only on paths under /pub.
Report on total traffic by section.


This program comes with the wu-ftpd package, which is made by the WU-FTPD development group, reachable at <[email protected]>.

This manual page was written by Vincent Renardias <[email protected]> for the Debian GNU/Linux wu-ftpd-academ package, and updated by Josip Rodin for wu-ftpd.