xfishtank(1) Fish swimming across your Root Window


xfishtank [-c <color>] [-b <limit>] [-f <limit>] [-i <mult>] [-r <rate>] [-m <num>] [-C <num>] [-d] [-p <file>] [host:display]


xfishtank is a animation program to simulate an Aquarium on your X desktop.

Each fish can have up to 255 colors, but on startup the program takes all the colors from all the fish, and squeezes them down to all fit into the default colormap as best it can. Any fish can be any size in width and height. To make them look more like they are swimming, fish are animated (Very simple 2 frame animation). Fish CANNOT swim over each other, they will turn around if they are about to collide.


-c color
Background color of the fishtank
-b limit
Number of bubbles (Default is set to 32)
-f limit
Number of fishes (Default is set to 10)
-i inter
Move interval (Default is set to 0.2)
-r rate
Move frequency (Default is set to 0.2)
-m num
Median cut to this many colors
-C num
Use only this many color cells
Clip fish, swim on root window
-p file
Fish swim on picture in file
This option specifies the X server to contact.


Eric Bina, <[email protected]> (Original author)

Dave Black, <[email protected]> (Linux port)

TJ Phan, <[email protected]> (TrueColor Support)

Vincent Renardias <[email protected]> (man page, Debian packaging)

Send bugs (or their reports, or fixes) here: <http://www.debian.org/Bugs/>.